Rotograph EVO 3D, CBCT 3-in-1 Imaging System

Rotograph Evo

Best Diagnostic Image Performance

TBased on the mechanical platform of its 2D counterpart is the Rotograph EVO 3D 3-in-1 system: Panoramic, Cephalometric and 3D CBCT. At the top of its product family, the EVO-3D employs the latest “cone beam” technology with a Flat Panel Detector (FPD) based on Amorphous Silicon with Cesium Iodide scintillator. By acting on the computer interface the operator can seamlessly switch between regular 2D Pan / Ceph functions and 3D volumes with a standard Field of View (FOV) of 8.5 X 8.5 cm. Compared to the EVO D 2D system, ease of use with the EVO 3D is virtually unchanged with virtual keyboard representation on your capture computer lending itself to operators of all technical expertise. Scan time for 3D examination is limited to around 11 seconds, allowing you to access the entire dentition particularly fast while reducing patient dosage and risk of movement during examination.

Explore the possibilities within the 3D module
• Full Dentition
• Left Jaw, Right Jaw Sinus
• + ALL tests available on Villa EVO D 2D System!
Applications for Implantology, Parodontology, Orthadontics and Oral Surgery
Entire dental status visible at a single glance

Rotograph Evo

OnDemand 3D Software by Cybermed

Along with your Villa EVO 3D comes standard a designated DELL Capture Comptuer and OnDemand3D Software. OnDemand is a global industry leader in 3D image treatment and implant planning and is currently partnered with leaders on the global stage of dental imaging such as Planmeca, Belmont, Carestream and others. Should you prefer, you are enabled to export the acquired images in a full set of slices in DICOM format to use with your preferred 3rd party software.

Exportable DICOM Format
Unique features such as Artifact Reduction Algorithm
Dedicated Computer Workstation included!
OnDemand 3D Software with Implant Planning capability – also included
VISIT ONDEMAND3D.COM for more information on this exciting 3D imaging platform